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How to stop Facebook from collecting your calls, texts and contacts?

After the recent Facebook saga, a majority Facebook users have opted to leave Facebook in other to protect their personal information. For those who’re still active on Facebook, this article will offer a step-by-step procedure on how to stop Facebook from collecting your personal data.

In recent times, there’s a lot we’re yet to know regarding the latest technology. The social media world is one such area which has continued to upgrade to make it easier for the users to upload or share photos with friends and family. Although this might seem like a milestone to advancing future technology, the issue of user privacy has continued to be violated in one way or another.

The reason for this article was to inform Facebook users about the latest report that was released regarding the Facebook Lite and the Android Messenger. According to the report, it was revealed that Facebook had gone a mile further to harvest not only your photos but also your call logs and text messages right from your …

Google Play improves audiobook listening experience, including Smart Resume and speed controls

Audiobooks have only been available on Google Play for barely two months, but Google is already working hard on improving the experience. In a blog post today, Google revealed a few of the new features and improvements it has been adding to make it even more enjoyable to listen to an audiobook with Google Play, whether on the app or through Google Assistant.
With 'Smart Resume,' playback will now intelligently resume a few moments before where an audiobook was paused. Resuming a book mid-sentence after a user had to interrupt their listening can be slightly jarring, so Smart Resume rewinds back to the beginning of the word or sentence the listener was on to make it easier to follow along. Another useful addition for readers who are in a rush is the ability to speed up and slow down the playback speed of the book anywhere from 3x down to 0.5x.
For those who read using the Google Play Books app, you can now also save a favorite moment in an audiobook with the new Bookmarks func…

Samsung taken to court over its lack of Android updates

A case against Samsung is now in Dutch court, where the company will have to defend itself against consumer advocacy group Consumentenbond.

The case revolves around Samsung’s alleged lack of software updates to some of its Android devices.

If Consumentenbond wins the case, it could have some serious ramifications on Samsung’s update responsibilities.

Back in 2016, we told you how a Dutch consumer advocacy group called Consumentenbond sued Samsung due to the company’s alleged neglect when it comes to issuing software updates to its handsets. Well, it only took two years, but today the Dutch court will start the hearing process in the case, putting Samsung under the gun to defend its update practices.

The assumed industry standard for smartphone updates is two years, which likely came into place due to mobile service contracts lasting that long. However, there are numerous examples of phones from Samsung where the company stopped issuing software updates well before that two-year period…

A new form of Android malware hidden in QR code apps infects 1 million users

A new form of Android malware has been discovered in the Google Play Store by security researchers.Named Andr/HiddnAd-AJ, the malware remains inactive for six hours after being downloaded before bombarding users with ads.The apps were downloaded more than half a million times, though Google has now removed them.

A new strain of Android malware is said to have infected at least a million users while hidden inside seemingly harmless apps.
Six QR readers and a smart compass app contained the malicious code, which initially went undetected by Google’s Play Store security checks. The apps were downloaded more than 500,000 times before Google pulled them.

The malware, called Andr/HiddnAd-AJ, was discovered by researchers at SophosLabs who published an article about their findings last week (via ZDNet). The code lies dormant on devices until six hours after installation when it bombards affected devices with ads and notifications; it’s intended to generate ad revenue clicks for the perpetrat…

Microsoft Edge Browser Now available for Android tablets

In October of last year, Microsoft announced it was bringing its Edge web browser to iOS and Android. The browser is primarily targeted at people already using Edge on Windows 10, as it syncs all data across your devices (much like Chrome and Chrome for Android/iOS). The Android version was released later that month, and Microsoft has continued to update it since then.

Starting today, Edge is now available on Android tablets and iPads. While the iPad version looks almost identical to the Windows 10 browser, the Android app looks much more like Chrome, especially with the slanted tabs. Perhaps Microsoft borrowed some Chromium code and forgot to re-skin it.

The performance on my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 seemed roughly equal to Chrome, but the app itself is a bit buggy. The tab bar kept vanishing for no apparent reason, and the button to show all tabs does nothing. Your mileage may vary though, since I'm using a custom ROM.

Google+ adds 'Highlights' notification option for communities and collections

Until recently, only two notification levels were possible for Google+ communities and collections you're subscribed to: on or off. Thankfully, someone at Google has realized how frustrating it is to only get all notifications or none at all, and a newHighlights option has just been introduced.

Selecting Highlights will give you periodic digest notifications with some of the top posts from all of your communities and collections. This should mean that you won't miss out on any important news or updates while at the same time not getting all the usual spam.
This feature applies to GSuite accounts only, and you should see it added over the next few days if it's not already there. On the desktop version, you can find the setting by navigating to the three-dot overflow menu on a community or collection page and then hitting Preferences. The last option used to be a toggle that read "Get notified about new posts" but now it should look like the above image, with the H…

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 likely won’t get in-display fingerprint scanner (Update: Actually, maybe it will)

It seems that The Bell may have jumped the gun, as The Korea Herald obtained inside information that Samsung is still considering the implementation of an under-glass fingerprint scanner in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. According to the anonymous source, Samsung’s display department has “prepared three or four solutions” when it comes to the practical issues of putting a fingerprint scanner under the main display, like cost and the movement of other interior hardware. This will give the main branch of Samsung Electronics a few options, and the source says both branches are “seriously considering” one of those proposed solutions.

According to the source, the decision will be finalized this month.
If the Galaxy Note 9 gets an under-glass fingerprint sensor, it will likely be the first globally released smartphone to have the feature. It would surely be an easy way to market the Note line as being a progressive brand, as well as help differentiate the phone from the recently relea…

Snap introduces Explore to make it easier to find content on its Snap Map

Snapchat's Snap Map, the heatmap overview of Snaps shared around the world, was introduced last summer, letting users get a better sense of where their friends were sharing from. However, unless you zoomed out and looked around for Snaps and Stories outside your area, you would likely miss out on content that hadn't been shared nearby. Today, Snap has introduced a feature called 'Explore' that will bring more prominence to content on the Snap Map, regardless of where it's shared from.

'Explore' works as a sort of "tour guide" to a user's Snap Map, allowing them to receive updates when a friend goes on a road trip, catches a flight, or visits someplace new. To find new updates, users can simply tap on 'New Updates' in the Snap Map and see content from their friends around the world. In addition to friends' content, users will also see stories from things like breaking news, events, and trends.

Obviously, sharing your location is op…

Video Chat in Facebook now Available on Messenger Lite

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that video chat would soon be added to Messenger Lite. Video chat's been a staple of the standard version of Messenger for a long time, but given that Messenger Lite is supposed to be lighter and have less clutter, its addition is also a bit confusing. With the app's latest update, though, it's here whether you like it or not.

It's unclear whether Messenger Lite's video chat will use less data than Messenger's or other services'. But if you're a Messenger Lite user and this is something you've been missing from the standard app, it's here now. The update is live in the Play Store, and we've got this Latest Messenger Lite APK ready for download on APK Mirror.

Samsung Movie Maker to be discontinued after Android P update

Ever heard of Samsung Movie Maker? It's preinstalled on many Galaxy devices, but it's pretty well-hidden; it only shows up after you begin editing a video through the Gallery app. However, the service will soon be discontinued when Android P rolls around, so a few of you might have to find a new video editor on Android.

We first learned of this discontinuation from the upload notes for the APK from APK Mirror, which state, "Samsung Movie Maker service will be terminated after Android P (or Android 9.0) update." Additionally, we received further confirmation when a reader sent in a screenshot of what popped up on his screen after updating Movie Maker.

It's unclear if Samsung will be replacing the app with something else or simply killing it off at this point, but if you do use Movie Maker, make sure your projects are exported prior to updating to Android P. But given that US Galaxy S8 carrier variants are just now receiving their 8.0 Oreo updates, we probably hav…

Several ways on How to Install Android on PC

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but just because it’s meant for mobile doesn’t mean that it can’t be installed on the desktop. There are many ways to get Android running on a PC, including virtual device emulators like Genymotion, bootable USB versions like Remix OS, or even full stand alone applications like BlueStacks. Each have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Here is the full breakdown of each.

So looking to install Android on PC? We have your back!

Using a virtual device

While this may seem like a slow, unintuitive way to use Android on the desktop, using a virtual device has many advantages. If you are a developer and need to test apps, this is the best way to make sure everything runs smoothly. There are two major virtual device emulators that are currently used, Genymotion and the Google Android Virtual Device Manager that comes with Android Studio.

These virtual device emulators have evolved quite a bit since their …

Apple seeks patent for 'keyless keyboard' concept with haptic feedback

An Apple patent application for a "Keyless keyboard" suggests the company may be considering a major change to its peripherals and MacBook hardware, by effectively using a touchscreen to create a keyboard with more versatility than a physical version can ever provide.

The application filing for "Keyless keyboard with force sensing and haptic feedback" was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 31 last year, and was published on March 15. The filing effectively describes replacing the physical keys of a keyboard with a glass display equipped with multiple touch sensing systems.

The application claims traditional key-based inputs "lack the flexibility to accommodate expansive features offered by newer devices, operating systems, and software," and are "unable to adapt to different user needs and preferences." While touchscreen inputs have the potential for offering alternative inputs to the user, the "flat, inflexible input…

Apple Music Android app gets rare update to solve bugs

Apple has issued an update to the Android version of Apple Music, fixing two recent problems with the client.

The app should no longer crash when trying to open the Library view, the company said in release notes. Actual playback, meanwhile, should be "more reliable on more devices."

Apple rarely updates the service on Android, presumably focused on its core audience of iPhone, iPad, and iTunes users. This week's patch is actually the second in less than a month though, suggesting that technical issues were serious enough to warrant rush treatment.

The last update introduced music video improvements, such as playlists, background audio, and in-app picture-in-picture.

Apple Music recently crossed 38 million subscribers. It's not known how many of those are on Android versus Apple platforms.

Samsung may compete more directly with Apple's Face ID via 'Galaxy S10

In a bid to stay competitive with the Face ID system on Apple's iPhone X, Samsung is reportedly adding 3D sensing cameras to next year's "Galaxy S10."

The Galaxy S9.
An Israeli firm, Mantis Vision, is working on some of the necessary technology, the Korea Herald said, citing other local reports. Mantis is allegedly collaborating with Namuga, which supplies modules for Intel's realSense cameras, in turn used by Windows laptop makers.

Samsung beat Apple to offering facial recognition on smartphones, but because its existing technology is 2D, it can potentially be defeated by still photos or even videos. Face ID is much harder to fool, generally requiring a family member —such as a twin —or an elaborate mask.

The Galaxy S9 depends on a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as its main form of biometric security. That may be understandable given the difficulty Apple suppliers experienced in making the TrueDepth camera for the iPhone X, leading to its November launch. Until…

My Bloood Pressure Lab(My BP Lab) app Now on Playstore, Samsung partner with University of California on New app

With the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus announcement, Samsung announced that it was partnering with the University of California, San Francisco on a new app that can measure your blood pressure, called My BP Lab. It only works on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus using the heart rate monitor. The app is now available in the Google Play Store, however it is only available in the US as of right now.

The My BP Lab app is actually part of a three week study that UCSF is doing with Samsung and its Galaxy S9 users. The aim of this study, is to optimize the app to provide contextualized and scientifically informed feedback. This will allow users to better understand their levels of stress and blood pressure levels and help lower their blood pressure. The other aim here is to work to improve the accuracy of blood pressure readings. And this is why the app will ask you if you have a blood pressure cuff at home, so that you can compare its readings with the readings of the blood pressure cuff. To…

The iPhone X Might Be Samsung’s Most Profitable Phone:This is How Tech Companies Rely on Each Other

Tech companies hate each other, right? Reading the popular tech press certainly makes you think so, but don’t buy into it.
As much as Samsung would like to sell more phones, they also make money when Apple sells more iPhones. Google gets paid when Apple sells more iCloud subscriptions, and even Amazon stands to gain financially if Netflix keeps growing.
Sound strange? Of course it does. But these companies aren’t just rivals: they’re also each other’s customers.

iPhone X: By Samsung, Toshiba, Intel, and Texas Instruments

The iPhone X just might be Samsung’s most profitable phone.

Apple makes the iPhone X, of course, but Samsung manufactures the OLED display that makes it stand out so much. That display amounts to $130 of the phone’s $1000 price tag. Combine that with a few other high-margin Samsung parts, and some analysts think Samsung made more from each iPhone X sale than each Galaxy S8 sale
—about $130 per unit.

Regardless of whether that’s true, every iPhone X sold is profitable …

How to Know if Someone Has Your Phone/Mobile Number on WhatsApp on Android and iOS devices

I Will teaches you how to use WhatsApp's "Broadcast" feature to determine who among your WhatsApp contacts has your phone number. This process will not provide information about non-WhatsApp contacts who have your phone number.


On Android

Open WhatsApp. It's a green app with a white phone icon encircled in white.

Tap ⋮. This button is in the top-right corner of the screen.

If WhatsApp opens to a chat, first tap the "Back" button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tap New broadcast. It's close to the top of the drop-down menu.

Review the list of contacts. Anyone listed on this page has your phone number saved in WhatsApp, while any absent WhatsApp contacts do not have your phone number.


On iPhone

Open WhatsApp. This app is green with a white phone icon on it.

Tap Chats. It's the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen.

If WhatsApp opens to a conversation, first tap the "Back" button in the top-left…

MultiChoice unveils Easter price offer for their Subscribers

MultiChoice Nigeria has announced a special price offer to usher in Easter celebrations this year. The new price offer, tagged ‘Easter Explora Slash’ will see subscribers enjoy up to a 64 per cent reduction on the Explora decoder and subscription bundle. This offer is valid from March 9 to 31, 2018 and is open to new and existing subscribers.

Subscribers can now purchase their DStv Explora decoders under this new price regimen in the Easter Explora Slash – the Explora decoder plus one-month Premium subscription now costs N38,300, down from N60,000, whilst an Explora decoder plus one-month Compact Plus subscription is now N33,500, down from N52,200.

Furthermore, a one-month Compact subscription with Explora decoder will now go for N29, 900 as against the old price of N51, 600.

According to the General Manager, Marketing and Sales, Mr. Martin Mabutho: “We are shaping our business to respond to our customers’ needs, and this price slash is in line with the company’s commitment to make e…

Google contacts adds ability to send money via Google play Send

Back in November, Google added money transfers to Android Messages via Google Wallet (now known as Google Pay Send). We noticed some strings in our teardown of the Google Contacts app last week that suggested the same addition would be coming soon, and it's now hit at least one reader in Canada.

Our tipster noticed the addition thanks to a new 'Send' icon that appeared, courtesy of one of Google's server-side updates. The UI itself is basically the same as the one found in Android Messages, though you can choose which contact method (SMS, email, etc.). Google Pay Request doesn't seem to be present here, despite the fact that there was a 'Request' string in our teardown.

Since this is a server-side change (it's on our tipster's Nexus 6P, but not his Pixel XL with the same Contacts v2.5), the lack of Request could just be Google having not yet finalized the addition. Even Send isn't functional for the tipster yet because he's in Canada and he…

Ntel is planning to collaborate with 9mobile Nigeria and MTN Nigeria to roll out national roaming service in April.

In an effort to boost operations, Nigeria’s foremost 4G/LTE broadband operator, ntel, is planning to collaborate with 9mobile Nigeria and MTN Nigeria to roll out national roaming service in April.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ntel, Mr Ernest Akinsola, made the disclosure in Lagos at a meeting with Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA).

“In repositioning ntel for growth, there is need to have a national roaming service that will push the network forward.

“This roll-out will be in collaboration with two foremost operators, 9mobile Nigeria and MTN Nigeria; the service is expected to roll out in quarter two, April to be specific,” he said.

Akinlola said that the collaboration would ensure complementary skills and robust customer service for all the parties.
“National roaming will help us to accelerate custom acquisition.

“Partnership with 9mobile which has 2G/3G will help customers to enjoy the best data with good speed.

“It will help the network operators …

News: Facebook Messenger Lite now receives video calling for Android

Finally, Facebook has decided to push the long-awaited video calling feature for its Facebook messenger Lite for Android. This video calling feature is available on messenger app for a long time but not available on the later version. This is a great way to be connected with friends and family. Recently Facebook announced that there were a total of 17 billion video calls that were made in the year 2017 alone with twice as many calls made in 2016.

Reeling from the success, Facebook is now bringing this video calling feature on the lite version also and is expected to provide a rich experience of face to face video calling on the Android devices. The Facebook messenger lite comes with many core messaging abilities which include audio calls, sending text, sending photos, links and many more. This app is available on Google play store and also has a small size of 10MB, making it easy to download and use.

The new update is rolling out to the Facebook messenger lite users on Android and sho…

Diving deeper into Android P’s new notifications and quick settings

Even in its alpha state, the first Android P Developer Preview includes a slew of user-facing and underlying changes to tinker around with. Some of the more significant changes include a redesigned notification panel and “messaging” notification style that is reminiscent of iOS in more than one way.

When you first swipe down from the top, you will notice how different the notification panel appears. Google went for a rounded-corner aesthetic for the quick settings and notification areas, which are now slightly separated from each other.This differs from Android Oreo, which separates the two areas with a gray line.

Apart from the rounded corners, the quick settings area also features a bit of color. When Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is on, for example, the icon bubble turns blue. When either is inactive, the icon bubble turns gray to stand out from the white, non-translucent background.

Unfortunately, you cannot further expand certain quick settings for more information. You can either toggle t…

Researchers Get Blood Pressure Measurements From Phone Case

Preliminary research has revealed that it may be possible to create a smartphone case that can measure blood pressure through what the study’s authors call the oscillometric finger-pressing method. That’s according to a new research article published in Science Translational Medicine on March 7, co-authored by six researchers from three universities. The researchers, led by Ramakrishna Mukkamala of Michigan State University, say that by modifying a smartphone to include a force transducer, overlaid by an optical sensor, accurate measurements of blood pressure can be taken from a fingerprint. A user simply needs to follow instructions included onscreen via an associated smartphone application in order to apply the appropriate amount of pressure and receive a reading. The researchers effectively claim that the discovery could lead to blood pressure measurements becoming as easy to do as sending a text message, which would be hugely beneficial to millions of medical patients. However, i…

Huawei P20 Porsche Design Leaks With Triple-Camera Setup

A render depicting what’s said to be the Huawei P20 Porsche Design leaked online earlier this week, having first emerged on Chinese social media platform Weibo this Thursday. The image that can be seen above adds more credence to recent reports and manufacturer’s own hints suggesting its upcoming Android flagship will have a triple-camera setup, though it isn’t perfectly in line with previous leaks of the device. Whereas many older renders and alleged prototypes were showing three vertically arranged sensor, the newly uncovered image reveals a horizontal alignment, with one dual-camera setup and a distant third lens which may be of the telephoto variety and is separated from the rest of the system by an LED flash.

Leica’s branding is clearly visible on the handset, indicating Huawei is once again partnering with the Wetzlar, Germany-based optics company in order to craft a unique mobile imaging experience for one of its smartphone families. The finish of the leaked device appears to …

Android P feature Spotlight: The Pixel Launcher's Dock is now Available in APK Download

The launcher is arguably the most frequently viewed screen on your phone, and it's also one that Google thoroughly enjoys playing around with. Of course, we couldn't have a new major release of Android without some change in the launcher, and this time is no different.

All things considered, the differences are relatively minor: there isn't another change to the shape of the icons, and the app drawer hasn't switched its scrolling behavior again either. Instead, the change is only related to the row of icons on the bottom of the homescreen, also known as the 'dock.' In reality, the dock had sort of disappeared at some point in Android's past: while the first versions of Android's launcher had a decidedly skeuomorphic dock, Android Oreo had no visual cue to indicate the dock existed at all. In Android P, however, the dock regains its rightful status by being represented by a semi-transparent shade of white.

Dock in Android Oreo 

Dock in Android P
At the end…

Google Chrome lets you Export your saved Logins as .csv to easily import into your favourite password manager

Whether on desktop or mobile, Chrome always offers to save your logins and passwords so it can easily autofill your details the next time you need to log in. In a way, if you accept that pop-up, Chrome (and thus Google) become your password manager. However, what happens if you want to use another password manager app? Migration can be a bit tough and not-so-straightforward and that's why Chrome is now offering an export function.

The option has been in the works in the Chromium gerrit, and is now available in Chrome Dev on the desktop (which probably means ChromeOS and the regular browser). When you go to your Manage passwords section in settings, you should see a new overflow menu next to Saved Passwords. Tapping it unveils the option to export passwords as a .csv file. Many third-party password managers support importing login details as a .csv so this should make data migration a very easy thing and get you going with your new password manager in no time.

Airtel 4G Goes Live In Some Nigerian Cities - Here's How To Activate It

A few weeks ago, some subscribers started noticing the presence of Airtel 4G LTE on their devices and now, it is live in some part of Ogun, Lagos and Ibadan. Hopefully it would be rolled out to other states soon.

What is Airtel's 4G Band?

Airtel is runs on Band 3 (1800MHz) which is compatible with almost all 4G enabled smartphones

Here's the result  of Airtel's 4G Speedtest in Ibadan, the download speed was 28.45 Mbps and upload was 8.77 Mbps.

How To Activate It

Walk in to any airtel office closest to you with your current Airtel SIM and request for a sim swap. After the sim swap, if the network is live in your location , your 4G should be up and running.

You can run a check if Airtel 4G is visible in your location and let me know.  Go to your phone settings -

Mobile networks– Network operators– Search networks. Tap Search networks to initiate a search. After a short period, a list of available networks will be presented to you.

Don't Forget To Share This And Comment

If …

How To Get 2000% Instant Bonus From Mtn, Valid For 3 Months

MTN is now offering a special instant Welcome back bonus to their non-active customers for the period of 3 months.

So, If you have not use your MTN network for the period of 45 days, just look for it and insert the SIM into your device and get 2000% instant bonus on your first recharge in a month for the next 3 months.

The SIM must not be used for calls, browsing or any other chargeable activity for the period of 45 days and more. Recharges from the minimum of N100 and above is accepted to give you 2000% instant bonus on your recharges.

Recharge amounts and instant bonuses
When you Recharge N100, you will recieve N2,000
When you Recharge N200, you will recieve N4,000
When you Recharge N400, you will recieve N6,000
and so on....

What can the bonus be used for?
Your main money recharged won’t be touched as 500% of the instant bonus will be used for voice calls and SMS to all networks in Nigeria and the 1500% will be used as data. Specifically, the bonus can be used for SMS, voice and Pay-…

If you Deleted a WhatsApp Photo or Video, Here’s How to Get It Back

In a split second, you can delete a sent message on WhatsApp and lose photos or videos by mistake. Panic sets in as you realize it’s gone for good.
But maybe you don’t have to panic. Instead, just breathe and realize that it’s entirely possible to recover that lost photo or video if you know what to do.

Does Anyone Else Have It?

Recovering a lost image might be even easier than you think. You should first check to see if the person (or people) you were talking to have a copy of the message with the lost media attached. If you uploaded an image and then deleted it for yourself, someone else in the group chat, or your chat partner, could still have it.

Ask the person if they could forward you the image, or even save it to their phone and share it on an Imgur alternative. Just because you tapped “Delete For Me” doesn’t mean it’s gone for everyone.

Restoring From a Backup

If someone can’t send you a copy of your lost image, the easiest way to recover lost messages is through a backup. Both …